Our Story ❤


We live outside of the Tacoma, Washington area with a fantastic view of Mt. Rainier in our backyard. For some time we just stared at that mountain, without visiting it much. The times we did visit, we drove around, took a few photos, stopped at the visitors center, and that was about it. We did not get the full experience. That all changed in 2015.

We decided we wanted to start spending more time outside. Hiking and camping were the two things we took up. We did not have much of anything but a tent. So we purchased some new boots to start. After awhile we bought a few good hiking outfits. Later on some sleeping bags. We added a little here and a little there as time went on. We still have quite a bit that we could use. However, there’s nothing else that we need for what we are doing. The point is that it does not take much to get outdoors and have fun. We started with what we had and then added more as we went.

After seven months of exploring the great outdoors, and getting that full experience, we began writing about our journeys online. We started Pacific North Wanderers in 2015 to share our experiences with others, to encourage everyone to get outside and enjoy this magnificent region we all live in.


Stacy and Brandon of Pacific North Wanderers

Happy Trails,
Brandon & Stacy