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An Adventure On Wheels: 2017's Ride The Willapa

The second annual Ride the Willapa took place over the weekend of June 24. The event stretches 22 miles along the Willapa Hills State Park Trail, which starts in Chehalis, mostly follows along the Chehalis River and Washington State Route 6 through farmland, a countryside valley, past Rainbow Falls State Park, and all the way to the town of Pe Ell, then back again for a total of 44 miles. The two-day event is a go-at-your-own-pace ride rather than a race. This ride was a great opportunity for beginners, families, and pros. Along the route was Tour de Farms, first aid and water stations, and the chance to camp out at either Rainbow Falls or Pe Ell High School before making the trip home the next morning. Though we rode this trail during an event, it is open all year round and we recommend checking it out.

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Breaking In Our New Bikes On Carbon River Road In Mount Rainier National Park

In the northwest corner of Mt. Rainier National Park is the Carbon River Road. It runs a little over five miles from the park's entrance, paralleling the Carbon River, to Ipsut Creek Campground. It is a popular destination for bikers since it is one of the few areas that bikes are allowed inside the park. The road is mostly clear of obstacles, vehicular traffic is prohibited, and it maintains a 2 percent grade throughout, which made it a perfect spot to break in our new trail bikes.

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