A Review Of Asher SS And Kenzo Short By Ecoths

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Ecoths is a brand of men's clothing which blends urban fashions with a rugged outdoor look. They produce a variety of T-shirts, buttoned shirts, 3/4 zips, polos, and shorts. With each garment sold, they donate three meals to a food bank via their Good Sam program. Ecoths, pronounced as "Ecos," is the blend of the words "Eco" and "Ethos." Their slogan, "Urban rugged styling for the uncommon man," does an excellent job of summing up the look and feel of their clothing.



These last few weeks I have worn the Ecoths Kenzo Short and the Asher SS T-shirt while adventuring in eastern Washington and the Columbia River Gorge on the Washington/Oregon border. Both articles fit well, feel comfortable, and look great.

Asher SS

The Asher SS, a blend of 60% organic cotton and 40% polyester, is a tad thicker than most of my other T-shirts. I like this. It makes for a great, everyday shirt to wear. It fits well and feels durable. Most importantly, it is comfortable to wear.

The shirt comes in five colors, mine being Coastal Fjord. The overall blue contrasts nicely with the shirt's brown collar. What I like most about this shirt is the backside's T-shaped stitching. A horizontal line runs across my shoulder blades, and a verticle line runs center from there down. This stitching stands out well, and in my opinion, gives the shirt a stylish appearance.

The Asher SS is one of those shirts you can wear with just about anything. A pair of jeans and tennis shoes or shorts and sandals; any combination will do. Personally, I do not like wearing T-shirts alone. The Asher SS works great under the many buttoned up shirts I wear daily.


One thing I notice about the shirt when I first put it on is that it sort of slides backward, hugging the front of my neck. I suppose the best way to describe it is that it feels "top heavy" on the back of the collar. This may be due to the extra stitching on the back. A simple pull forward gets it back in place, and I do not notice it again.

Overall, it is a great T-shirt that stands out in its style and feels great while wearing. I am already looking at other colors they offer in this shirt.

Kenzo Short

The Kenzo Short, a 98% organic cotton and 2% Lycra Peached Twill blend, comes in four colors; mine being Phantom. Again, like the shirt above, these are thicker than to what I am accustomed. As an avid hiker, the majority of my shorts are lightweight. The Kenzo short may not work well for hiking, but for everyday use in and around town, beach walks, and camping, these will work great.

Although their shorts are not as stylish as their shirts, they still provide a few details that stand out. For one, they incorporate a cell phone pocket on the right side of the short. It is big enough to hold all the phones I have tested. The second detail is the buttons. They have a wood-like design which gives them a rugged, outdoor feel.

Again, like the shirt, the Kenzo short will look great with just about any urban/outdoor clothing you already own. I have had no problem picking out a shirt in my current wardrobe and throwing on my sandals with these shorts.


Overall, I am satisfied with the build quality and design of these garments. I expect them to hold up well for years to come. Ecoths states they have a, "...commitment to style, community involvement, and goodness." Their statement rings true to me with their unique styles, the Good Sam program, and the use of natural fibers.

To learn more about Ecoths, or to find something you may like, visit their website.


Disclaimer: I received Ecoths apparel at no cost for this review. I did not receive any other compensation, and all opinions are my own.