Our Review Of Pocket Blanket By Pike Trail

Pocket-Sized Versatility

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So far we have tried the Pocket Blanket as an outdoor tablecloth; sat on it and enjoyed a snack atop the rocky Bearhead Mountain; used it as an extra layer on a damp, chilly night; and tested it as an emergency shelter—all to decent success.

The waterproof nature of the Pocket Blanket is perfect for our PNW weather. While the thickness of it does not provide any cushioning between you and the surfaces it comes into contact with, it will keep you dry! When wrapped around your shoulders, it does an excellent job of breaking the wind and protecting you from that ever so familiar precipitation!


As a picnic cloth, the blanket is perfect. Have a wet picnic table? No problem. It is windy out, and your regular picnic cloth is flapping around? The Pocket Blanket is so simple to secure, either use bungies or other cords with the loops at each corner, or even easier—place a small stone or sand in the pocket at each corner to weigh it down. 

There are multiple ways to fashion a shelter, or at least a buffer against the weather with the blanket. If you are in an area with trees and you have paracord or elastic cording, you can configure protection from the elements in no time. 

Being lightweight and how quickly it fastens to a pack, the Pocket Blanket is there if you need and not a burden of extra weight if you do not. The colors also lend themselves to added visibility, if you were to be caught in an emergency situation and needed it to take shelter beneath. 


Things we loved

  • Compact. Folds up quite small and fits into its own bag.

  • Portable. The light weight of the blanket along with the bag with attached carabiner makes it dead simple to hook to your pack, belt loop, or other available loops.

  • Tough. Made of durable nylon, you can place it on rough surfaces that are strewn with twigs or rocks and not have to worry about punctures. Also, the stitching along the seams are tight and not likely to be snagged.

  • Practical. Waterproof material with loops sewn into each corner along with pockets at each corner lends to multiple uses.

Things we thought could be better

  • Size. While the size is 60” x 56”, if it were just a bit larger, there would be much more you could do with it.

Overall, we would definitely recommend the Pocket Blanket. You can find out more at www.piketrail.com.


Disclosure: this product, the Pike Trail Pocket Blanket, was provided to us in exchange for a review. All opinions and views are our own. 


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