Review of Bushman Kobuk Cotton Safari Shirt for Men

It Gets You Through the Thick of It

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Enjoying the outdoor lifestyle in the Pacific Northwest is special for many reasons. The scenery is top notch; the climate and setting give you that "into the wild" feeling; and being surrounded by an abundance of wildlife, animal and flora, is a wonderful way to connect with nature. Getting outdoors, away from the urbanization of the world, is nothing less than amazing. However, if you're not properly prepared, that amazing feeling can quickly change to a miserable one. Wearing the right type of clothing plays a huge role in how much you're enjoying hiking, camping, and exploring. Read on to see how the Bushman Kobuk Cotton Safari Shirt kept me enjoying the trail on a cloudy, damp, and thick-brushed hike.


The Bushman Kobuk has durable stitching that can handle your most rugged adventures

The Bushman Kobuk has durable stitching that can handle your most rugged adventures


Stacy and I headed out to hike Glacier View Trail a couple weeks back. The weather wasn't the best - the sky was covered in clouds, the rain was off and on, and the temperature was a bit chilly for this morning in July. It sounded like a great opportunity to give the new Bushman shirt a try.

Before we go further I'd like to point out that hikers are usually told they shouldn't hit the trails while wearing cotton, mostly due to newer athletic wear which is designed to wick the moisture away from your body to help keep you dry, but I don't always follow that rule and wearing this 100% cotton shirt was not my first time hiking in cotton. If you opt to go cotton-free while hiking, this shirt will also be great for hanging around a campfire or walking along the beach on a chilly evening. I still love and enjoy moisture wicking athletic wear, but on shorter hikes it's not always a necessity.

This particular shirt is long-sleeved which is a must for myself. I've never liked short-sleeved buttoned shirts. Like my hiking pants, which can easily convert to shorts, I like my buttoned shirts to convert as well, from long- to short-sleeved simply by rolling/unrolling the arms. It's just practical. But hey, that's obviously my personal opinion and Bushman does sell short-sleeved buttoned shirts if you're into those.


The Kobuk's fabric is made with a twill weave which is great for outdoor use due to its durability and the fact that it's good at making stains and soil spots less noticeable. The shirt feels quite soft and smooth to the touch and fits well. At the same time it's a rugged shirt that can brush up on trees, broken branches, sharp rocks, and more without giving you that uneasy feeling of whether or not it will snag and rip. Although I didn't have to squat or crawl under large fallen trees during this hike, which I've done many times in the past, I feel confident that the shirt will fair well with situations like that in the future.

During our hike there was a stretch of thick brush encroaching onto the trail which rubbed up on both sides of our bodies. All of this plant life was pokey and covered in rain drops. The shirt was great by protecting my skin from scratches, and again, I wasn't worried at all about it getting snagged. Due to the shirt being cotton it did absorb water, but the water stayed on the outside and never bothered me.

Once we reached the top of the peak I took the shirt off to let it dry out. By the time we were ready to head back down, 45 to 60 minutes later, the shirt was completely dry.

A few key highlights of the Kobuk include the two breast pockets with buttoned flaps, back saddle with double loops for hanging, and as Bushman explains on their website, "...thanks to pigment dyeing and special enzyme wash it has a pleasant touch and unmistakable look." Like I mentioned, the touch is wonderful. The look is quite good as well and comes in beige, light olive, and snake colors. The Bushman name is located on a patch sewn into the left breast pocket and their chevron logo is embroidered on the left sleeve.


As of this writing the shirt is currently on sale from Bushman's website for $59.50. Their clothing is "designed for the outdoors, appealing to men and women that love travelling, discovery, and adventure; those who have respect for nature." They have an assortment of products including shirts, shorts, pants, jackets, and more. Bushman clothes are produced from natural or recycled material.


If you're looking for a new shirt consider trying the Bushman Kobuk, or one of their many other outdoor clothing products. They have a rugged design, are affordably priced, and they look good. The Kobuk served me well on my hike and I'm looking forward to taking it camping. If you have questions I'm here to answer them or get you in touch with someone from Bushman that can help.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the Kobuk Cotton Safari Shirt for free from Bushman in consideration for a gear review.

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