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WIN Gets the Sweaty Smell Out of Your Workout Clothes

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WIN Detergent is made for those that leave behind an odor of which they don't feel comfortable with while being around others. Bike rides, runs, yoga, and crossfit can all work up quite a sweat, and if you're someone who sweats a lot you know that the odor from it can be a bit unpleasant at times. Sure, you may not mind it while you're alone at home recovering from your workout. But what about when you're in a group class with others? We're willing to bet you probably mind it then. We've found the solution in WIN Detergent. Read on for our review of how it can help you.



Win gets the sweaty smell out of your workout clothes. That's what they say on their website, and we're here to tell you that it's true. WIN detergent does this by removing oils and bacteria that other detergents can't. Although the detergent works with all clothes, it's designed to work specifically well with synthetic fabrics. Synthetics are great at repelling water and keeping your gear dry, but that also works as a negative because now the dry gear is attracting oils, which bring with them bacteria, which creates that sweaty smell.

There's a lot of chemistry involved with the process of how this works. Basically, WIN Detergent, unlike other detergents, is able to free the oils and bacteria from the fabric during the washing cycle. The oils are removed, the wicking properties are now like-new, and your gear smells fresh and lasts longer.


There's two varieties, blue and green. The blue is WIN's original, scented version while the green is dye free and fragrance free. We personally love the lightly scented blue but if you have sensitive skin the green is for you. We gathered together all of our workout and hiking gear, the majority of it was synthetic material with a few cotton and wool items mixed in. The recommended amount of detergent is 1 oz. for normal sized loads, or 2 oz. for a larger load. The bottles each come in 32 oz. sizes. We used an ounce of the blue and let the cycle commence. Afterwards we did the smell test and all was fresh. Throughout the weekend we camped two nights at Bridgeport State Park. No problems with sweaty smells the whole time.

What We Like:

  • Unpleasant smells removed from clothing.
  • Clothing laundered in WIN stayed fresh with wear.
  • Scented and unscented varieties.

What Could be Better:

  • The tamper resistant seal on the bottle is REALLY tamper resistant. We had to puncture it with a knife. Some sort of tab to remove it would be nice. 
  • The measuring cup and lid should be one piece. The cup sits sometimes awkwardly on the actual lid and was sometimes tricky to take off. 
We're ready to explore more after using WIN Detergent on our gear

We're ready to explore more after using WIN Detergent on our gear


Our Consensus:

WIN detergent takes odors and dinginess out of your gear and leaves it fresher longer. Your outdoor and workout gear is expensive and something you want to last. WIN takes care of your gear so it can take care of you! Start winning with WIN!



Disclosure of Material Connection: We received WIN Detergent for free from WIN in consideration for a gear review.


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