Skamania Lodge Has A New Aerial Park!

A Treetop Experience

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Midweek we took a trip to Stevenson to check out the new aerial park at Skamania Lodge. The Lodge’s zip line activities are well known in the area, and this new addition puts Skamania on a whole new level (literally, a higher level, up in the trees). It was pouring rain most of our 3+ hour drive over to Stevenson. It had already been a long day when we arrived at the lodge around 8 pm, and we were looking forward to a good rest. We quickly unpacked the Jeep and checked in.

If you would know strength and patience, welcome the company of trees.
— Hal Borland


Fun in the Gorge

Stepping inside the lodge from the dark rainy evening, we were greeted by smiling faces and the warm glow of the lighting. The lodge is large and inviting with a rustic but upscale decor and was noticeably and thankfully quiet. We quickly found our room and took a moment to appreciate the charm of our surroundings. Spacious and comfortable, our accommodations were beyond expectations. 


We awoke early to sample breakfast in the Cascade Dining Room, where we enjoyed a delicious and filling meal. We had been invited to the lodge for the media day to highlight the opening of the new aerial park and to get a sneak peek at the two Tree Houses under construction. We met in the lobby with the rest of the invitees, and our guide reviewed the gear and how to wear it. We soon found ourselves outside and under the canopy of trees linked together by cables and boardwalks. After a run through on the ground course of how to connect and disconnect our tethers that hooked our harnesses to the safety cables, into the treetops we went. 


While we were with a group, the course is set up so you can choose different routes through the trees. Varying degrees of difficulty came with each choice of direction. Boardwalks, tight-wires a canoe and cargo net are just a few of the obstacles between you and getting to your next perch. A little bit scary and a whole lot exhilarating, we spent almost two hours jeering and applauding one another as we traversed the various elements of the course. 


We took a few minutes to tidy up then enjoyed a gracious spread of the menu specialties for lunch. We also had the opportunity to sample wines on their recently awarded wine list. Lively conversation and laughs were enjoyed throughout our family style meal. 





Our group was led to the still under construction treehouses; these are in addition to two existing and very popular treehouses already on this beautiful property. While not technically perched in the trees, these houses are situated on stilts among and very near the surrounding trees. Located along the golf course, the two new houses will be larger spaces with the additions of a queen day bed in each. The decor is rustic but lush. Colorful artwork, high ceilings, see-through fireplaces that provide ambiance for the interior as well as the ample deck, and the privacy these spaces offer is utterly alluring. We will update with photos of the completed treehouses when available. 

Updated 12/01/2017:
As promised, a couple photos of the completed treehouses below.



Final Thoughts

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What a destination! While we were guests of Skamania Lodge, we would have been no less impressed had we been paying customers. The Lodge is upscale but comfortable, leaving you to feel right at home. Fireplaces, rocking chairs, high ceilings, tasteful art pieces, fine dining, golf, zip line, aerial park, and not to mention the sweeping views of the Columbia River Gorge, this place is a treat of a retreat!



Helpful Information

Price: $69 per person
Requirements: At least 6 years old and at least 4 feet tall. Children under 8 must be accompanied by an adult.
Max Weight: 275 lbs.

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