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Our Genesis

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We are Stacy and Brandon of Pacific North Wanderers. We are transplants to the Pacific Northwest, from Florida and Colorado respectively. The bug to explore has been in both of us since childhood. Adulthood, however, provides many more opportunities to roam. The PNW is an amazing combination of oceanfront, ancient forests, mountains, gorges and high plain deserts. As people who love to explore, this place is an absolute paradise.


Deciding to take up hiking was really a no-brainer. We both love the outdoors and the options for hiking are just so extensive. Exercise, fresh air, a departure from the stresses of life, experiencing new places and things, too many benefits to be denied.


Once we got started, we quickly became addicted to hiking. We’ve spent hours researching trails, campgrounds and destinations. Being prepared for weather and conditions was something we learned right away. It’s cold when in higher elevations and often damp.


Our knowledge base grew quickly. Equipment, clothing, food, coffee and emergency items become the essentials of each trip. All of this exciting new information and the sheer joy of all that we were discovering made us want to share our adventures.


Spray Park Trail in Mt. Rainier National Park


We are both prolific photo takers while exploring. Having large, personal social media followings across numerous platforms, we were already sharing images from our trips. Sharing a written account of our journeys seemed an obvious next step.


Not only have we been publishing our stories, but we try to include details like parking fees, permitting, maps and any special instructions specific to each place we visit.


We’ve found the “outdoor” social community members to be exceptionally helpful in sharing tips. We especially like that about the outdoor enthusiasts we’ve encountered. In fact, that is how we first were introduced to Dan of Kindly Coffee. I, Stacy, am an avid appreciator of all things coffee. I found their account on Instagram with the tagline of, “Outdoor inspired organic coffee”. I, of course, ordered coffee and soon began correspondence.


More adventures to come! We hope to fit in some snowshoeing, explore more caves this year and do some volunteering with trail crews. We began seeking the experience of discovery, but have also gained much knowledge, memories, new friends and relationships.


Cal Magnusson Trail at Pinnacle Peak


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